Zilliqa Support

Can we get wallet support for ZIL please, manually adding transactions is a pain, especially with staking.

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yes please, would be highly appreciated

Any update on this please guys?

hi @stevedow @StepDrago! Nothing yet. We have other exchanges and wallets in the pipeline, but the more people vote on it, the higher the chances of implementing this.

I need more upvotes then :wink:

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Zilliqa is a very important one

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Good morning,

Zilliqa sync support will be required for the community asap.

The time and effort it would take to it manually would be render the software useless.

Please add support for Zilliqa and Elrond chains to keep the tax software current and valuable to the community.

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Hi! Here’s how we are currently standing in terms of votes (and priorities):

ZIL is bouncing in and out of the top 50.