Yoroi transaction considers staking a withdrawl, So i have a 0 balance of ADA in portfolio. please fix

I have been using accointing with a yoroi wallet fine for the past few months. For every public address created in your yoroi wallet, you have to add ALL of them as separate wallets to track all your transactions.

Anyway to my real issue. When i staked my ADA yesterday for the first time, in the yoroi wallet, Accointing sees the transaction as a withdraw (api) to an Unknown Receiver. In turn, i have a 0 balance of ADA in Accointing, but in my yoroi wallet I still have that 1000 ADA, just staked.

When I take a look at the transaction details in accointing, there is a transaction corresponding to when i staked. It logged a transaction hash. When I look it up in cardanoscan.io, that transaction shows a TO ADDRESSES (outputs) at the very end. When I click on that address, it displays information about the address and in there, is a description called “Control Stake Key”

So my take away is that, my 1000 ADA is being staked, But Accointing should somehow figure that out and show the 1000 ADA balance in my portfolio. Can someone help?

Yes, this is because, at this time we are unable to get the ADA Xpub address to tack.

Please also consider voting here: Combine Wallets and Transactions

In this case, I would follow this guide - Staking Transactions - The Hub on ACCOINTING.com

Classify any conflicting transactions as ignored from any manual transaction you created from folowing the guide above.