Yellow Road coin conflict with Road coin

Yellow Road coin are conflicting with Road coin “” when imported from kukoin. I cant see my actual balance. How can I fix this? Tried to manually take it out and did a full data set, but still the same. it import road as yellow road, I do not hold yellow road.

Hello, @jscrypto Are you using API to connect your Kucoin?
I see they both have the same symbol:
And Kucoin only supports the non-colored Road Coin.

I will check with support and get back to you.

Is your issue similar to this one? Wrong currency in portfolio - #4 by Matt

Hi @Matt. Yes, it appears my issue is similar to that one.

Hi, yes i’m using api

I will file a bug report, thank you guys!

We do not support this particular ROAD, only the ones that are on CoinMarketCap.
image (3)

@jscrypto and @sheger can you guys help me out here? Initially did your ROAD and ACE tokens appear as missing currency and you connected with the REVIEW page. Or did it automatically connect it to the incorrect ROAD and ACE?

Hi, it automatically connected.

Mine auto connected to the wrong ACE.

How are we with this issue guys?

This issue should have been fixed :slight_smile: