Xls csv manual import / wrong validation current time

wrong validation for manual upload:



error message

current time

Hey @astreitb did you follow the template?

Dear Matt,
yes of course. I am using the template on a regular basis.
The problem is not the template or the data in the template. The issue is that I cannot use it immediatly after I made transaction because the validation of the webpage tells me that the date/time of the transactions in the template is in the future. (when it is really not)…Or in other words: I have to wait 2 hours (=>Vienna = GMT+2) until I can do the upload without errors. Thx

So how often are you trying to upload a CSV to the same wallet / exchange?
So I understand you as soon as you make a transaction on OKEX, you upload a csv?
If it is only a few trades, I would suggest adding them manually instead of uploading a csv that often, do you still have to wait 2 hours to do that?

Is the time on your spreadsheet following the same time as the Europe/Vienna time?

Dear Matt,
it is not only related to OKEX, but to ANY csv upload.
Also, I do not need help to work around this problem.

I just wanted to let you know about the bug, as it is not very convenient to wait until an upload is possible.

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I have created a bug for it and will keep you posted once this is fixed. I appreciate your time and patience.

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