Wrongly used purchase dates in tax report

After upgrading to the “trader plan” package I have noticed, that the Tax Report (German using FIFO) is calculated wrongly. In particular I have noticed that in some of the trades the purchase date is incorrect, especially when shifting coins between different wallets.


  1. Buy coin X via uniswap trade on ETH wallet W_b on date D_b
  2. Transer X from ETH wallet W_b to W_s on date D_t (marked as tax neutral internal transfer)
  3. Sell coin X via uniswap trade on ETH wallet W_s on date D_s

In the tax report the capital gain for trade (3 above) needs to be calculated using purchase date D_b. The tax report is however using D_t from the wallet transfer as a purchase date and thus wrongly calculates the capital gain. The result is the same using either the “single” or “multi” depot method.

I have doubled checked all entries and am quite surprised to find such a serious bug for a common use case :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey @olafm thank you for your feedback :slight_smile: Are you able to go through your full data set and change the dates of the transactions in question?

Hi @olafm! Can you please send your full data history export in the Full Data Set page to support@accointing.com so we can take a look? Please add as much detail as possible or copy-paste your text in this post.

Changing the tax package shouldn’t have altered your results.

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Hi Rod,

I think theres no need for you to further check - there were some missing classifications and hence I was initially getting some wrong results. Upgrading the tax package only made the calculations visible to me.


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Glad you were able to find a solution. Is it ok to close the issue?

Yes you can go ahead and close the issue.