Wrongly calculated balances (last calculation failed error message)

Since June 10th I regurlarly get an error message that the calculation for the account failed.

It seems that in some (but not all) wallets and exchanges the most recent transactions (e.g. from June 10th onwards) are not considered when calculating coin balances.

I have several wallets (API and manually maintained) that show similar inconsistencies (in web and iOS app).

See screenshot for one simple example.

I was just about to post about this as well. I have the same issue since yesterday. I was looking into some missing transactions that didn’t come through the Binance API and after fixing them all, I started getting the same message.
It shows the total value on the main page but the graph and portfolio values are no longer updating.

Maybe a bit weird but I’m happy I’m not the only one. Maybe part of a larger issue then?

And just after posting this I see a scheduled maintenance message and things appear to be working again for me. Maybe check again now?

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Hey guys,
we sadly had an issue with the calculations that resulted in an error for the users. Basically, ACCOINTING was not able to calculate the current day or calculate newly inserted transactions into the DB. The issue has been resolved and we have now remove the banner that was displayed for some users.
If any error persists for them, re-login

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Hi Matt,

thanks for your update - seems to be working again.


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