Wrong token being mapped


I just added my Matic Mainnet (Polygon) (Thanks for adding!), but some token(s) are being mapped to the wrong one.

How can I mapped all of them at once?

Not to mention the other’s but unfortunately, they’re not on CoinMarketCap.

But I think we need a WMATIC so we can log the unwrapping/swapping properly (with fees). Now they look like 2 deposits.


This may help: Manual entry of tokens: Manual entry of tokens (those not listed on CoinmarketCap)
And this: Keep original names as an option when syncing unknown currencies - #4 by Matt

Can you help me with more details on what the issue is?

Hi Matt,

Basically there’s 2 $TITAN entry in Accointing.

My token is the IRON Titanium Token, but accointing automatically mapped all my transactions to TitanSwap token.

I was just wondering if there was an easy way to remap all of them to the token of my choosing (correct one). Though I managed to edit them 1 by 1 and select the correct token.

By the way, not sure if this has been reported already or is just an issue for me but my Polygon chain stopped working (even if I add a new one). This started yesterday.

polygon / matic is good to go!!

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I will talk to support :slight_smile:

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Yes, since these have the same ticker symbol the system is confused.
Please go to your full data set and find your titan and click edit. The change the coin to the correct one. :).
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Leave comments here about wrapping:

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