Wrong historical price data leads to wrong tax report

see screenshots.

The miscalulations leads into a profit although there is a loss!
$0,00486 x 24.152 edn = $117,37

So in total I have a loss but the reports shows a profit!
Please fix asap. Thanks.

(sell price at 31.01.2019 seems correct)

We fetch our data from CoinMarketCap, would that be the reason?

If it is a big enough difference you could classify the order as OTC (over the counter). Read more here:
Here is the breakdown of classifications: Crypto Tax Classifications : Accointing AG
Here is how you are taxed per classification: https://www.accointing.com/the-hub/?s=classifications&id=3300&post_type=post

See some info here:

I also have mentioned this multiple times. There needs to be a way to manually override the automatically fetched value. Cmc does sometimes deliver wrong data and if we don’t recognize this, we end up doing tax fraud.
Currently there is not even a way to see the value that has been fetched from cmc.
Please have a look at koinly, they are solving this perfectly. I can give you some screenshots if it helps. But please don’t ignore this problem any longer. Using OTC is not a solution, I have hundreds of staking transactions a day and sometimes the value is wrong. It’s impossible to do that via OTC transactions.


Thank you for your concern, we do have something planned.

Please see my comments in the following post: