Wrong exchange listed for Deposits in full-data set

In Review - Missing Funds, I noticed a big discrepency in USD reported by Coinbase Pro vs. accointing

In reviewing the Full Data Set, I noticed that many of the Deposit - Add Funds transactions were listed as being deposited into Coinbase Pro instead of Coinbase.

My workflow had been to add funds into Coinbase and then transfer to Coinbase Pro.

If I try and edit the transaction to make the Deposit into Coinbase and save, it simply greys out the transaction and Ignores it.

I can tell if the Deposits were associated with the correct exchange, Coinbase, and then internal transfers to Coinbase Pro, my USD missing funds would be resolved and everything would match up.

I think I have figured out what is happening:

Somewhere along the way in Refreshing the Coinbase and Coinbase Pro connections, entries that were previously INTERNAL got changed to Coinbase REMOVE FUNDS and Coinbase Pro ADD FUNDS. But then the Coinbase Pro ADD FUNDS entry was duplicated.

So I can go through the FULL DATA SET and UNCLASSIFY the above entries and then APPROVE them as INTERNAL. And then IGNORE the duplicate entry.

But this raises a bigger question and concern.

Do I run the risk of more duplicate transactions appearing every time I refresh wallet and exchange connections? My fear is that refreshing the connections will undo the work I’ve done or create more issues. But there is no way to have updated info without refreshing the connections from time to time.

Thank you!

We are aware of the coinbase pro duplicate issues and are working to fix them.
You should be able to simply classify duplicates as ignored and when you refresh it will not duplicate it anymore.

To take a closer look at this, please DM me with your read-only Coinbase and Coinbar Pro API keys?
The reason we ask for your data is that we do not see your data, whatever you put in your Accointing account is encrypted.
I will send your read-only API keys to our devs so that we can take a deeper look into this issue.

Thank you so much for the quick reply!
I will try this.

I have not received any Coinbase Pro API Keys, am I good to assume the issue is fixed?
If not, please fill out this form: support.accointing.com