Wrong currency in portfolio

My KuCoin portfolio contains some Acent (ACE) tokens but in Accointing it shows ACE TokenStars (also ACE) which is wrong and throwing my values off. How can I get Accointing to show the correct ACE for my portfolio?

Acent (ACE) is a coin missing from Accointing, its also not listed on CoinMarketCap so it currently can not be added. I did notice it was listed on CoinGecko though. i created a feature request for using the CoinGecko API to get new coin info, if you want to vote for that to get implemented, I provided the link below.

If it were in the system, and it wasn’t listed as an unknown currency, you would have to manually go to the transactions of that coin and change the coin type. Replacing the current selection with a new one will give you a dropdown list of possible selections.