Wrong "add funds" transaction from Binance API

I found some unwanted transactions in my dataset. Not sure if this is a fail of the Binance API or some additional logic on Accointing’s side. This is a new behavior and it was correct before (see screenshots).

On a regulary basis I add some EURO funds to Binance. A while ago I had to add these transactions manually since they were not delivered by the Binance API. One day the added funds were synced automatically and I had to delete all my manually added transactions.

But now I only get a fake transaction with the same amount of the spending classified as “add funds” every time I spent EURO on Binance. Not only are there transactions fake, they are also incorrect for the calculation. I get missing funds from these transactions. Seems to be an issue with the fees.

I can ignore all there transactions and add a transaction with the real datetime and amount of added funds. That’s ok, but I’d prefer they weren’t there at all or correct like before.

Fake transactions:

Correct before:

@Matt Could you please clarify if this is a desired behavior or a bug?

Interestingly, Binance started sending it’s fiat data through it’s API not too long ago and we added it. To take a deeper look to see if this is on Binance’s side or on our side, could you please DM me your read-only Binance API keys?

So these fake transactions are added by the API. They are classified as add funds which is used when a transaction is adding new money into your crypto portfolio. This could be when you do a bank transfer to your exchange. This is also a non-taxable classification.

So you are not depositing any Euros from your bank into your account, but the API is saying that you have?

Here is the breakdown of classifications: The Different Types of Crypto Transaction Classifications - The Hub: Crypto and Bitcoin Tax Blog | ACCOINTING.com
Here is how you are taxed per classification: https://hub.accointing.com/?s=Specific+tax+classifications&id=3300&post_type=post

Thanks for your reply. I will send you my read-only key later or tomorrow.

You can see in my “correct before” screenshot that I deposited 1000€ into my Binance account on 22.10.20 22:03. This transaction was real and synced over API a while ago. But I recently had to delete all EUR transactions because there were some duplicates, missing funds from fee discrepancies and the fake transactions.

Since then I only get these fake transactions synced. Everytime I bought some crypto coins with EUR I get a belonging fake transaction like “Hey you spend 10€ from your account then you must have deposited 10€ into your account in the same moment”.

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interesting, let me know your ticket number when you submit it.