Why is the unrealized gains on my GUSD at Celsius bouncing around by hundreds of dollars every hour?

I have the stablecoin GUSD at Celsius earning interest. The fact that its a stable coin means my unrealized gains should not be jumping around by hundreds of dollars each hour. The unrealized gains should only be going up when interest is rewarded, no? (Or perhaps the interest should then show up in realized gains). I believe at Celsius that is once per week, yet my unrealized balance is all over the place on a minute by minute basis. What is going on?

Can you please take a look at my comments on this post and add comments here as you see fit?

Please see attached. If you need additional info please let me know.

if you look at the actual price of a stable coin it never stays constant at exactly $1. It still fluctuates both up and down but returns to the pegged price as much as possible. There are even some stable coins that fluctuate as much as $0.05 in price, but most fluctuate around $0.01 up or down.

Because of this fluctuation and the fact that you are holding so much, that is why you are seeing the unrealized gains change so much. You can always verify the price by going to CoinMarketCap which is how we get our pricing data.

Ah, now I understand. It would be nice if Accointing would have an option to filter those fluctuations out and just peg it to a flat $1.

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