Whats the workflow with liquidity pools?

Shouldn’t there we a classify option for “Withdraw (Send)” named “Deposited to liquidity pool” or something like that?

How do you I have to setup my transactions? Any example please?

i answered this in previous posts here is a link to one of them.

here is a link to the blog post about the topic.

Unfortunately I am pretty sure, you cant do it like that here in Germany. Unlike staking, adding and removing funds in and out of a liquidity pool are actually handled like a sell / buy here, so we cannot use internal transactions for this.


That blog post was created by Accointing and they didn’t specify who was and who wasn’t allowed to use that method, they just said how to handle those transactions.

While I am from the US, so I could be wrong but I would think that putting your coins into a staking pool or putting them into a liquidity pool should be considered the same. Staking is just a liquidity pool for a single coin instead of a pair of coins, so I can’t see how they would be different for tax purposes. The only difference is the number of coins involved so it would be weird if they were taxed differently.

Well, you’re definitely wrong on this one. In Germany it does in fact make a difference.

What part was i wrong about? i never said Germany doesn’t tax them differently. While i did say they “should” be considered the same, i didn’t say they are. I just don’t understand their reasoning around why they are taxed differently, i never disputed that fact with you. I mainly thought it was weird that, conceptually speaking, they are the same action yet treated differently. But to that point you mentioned, Accointing needs to specify that on their instructional blog post on how to handle those transactions since it’s very misleading to other people from Germany.

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Currently, there is no solution. Thun, please vote for the post below to increase the priority for the Accointing Team to solve the issue with German taxation on Liquidity pool income. Thanks.