What's the best way to get newbie support?

As can be seen from another Topic that I started here:

this community.accointing.com Discord forum might not be the best way for Accointing newbies to receive support … or if it is the best way, then my expectations might be in need of some “resetting”.

The two other means that I am aware of are:

Email to support@accointing.com – But for questions that might be of more general interest, such as my current questions, I would imagine that publicly visible discussions would be a more efficient way of spreading knowledge.

Getting an account at https://support.accointing.com/ – But in addition to my above concern regarding email also applying here, I also have the problem that I cannot get such an account. As I reported via email to support@accointing.com a week ago, and as one of their fine support people acknowledged in an email response to me 3 days ago, the account creation process/software for support.accointing.com seems to be broken. As of a few minutes ago, it still seems broken to me.

So … is there a practical and recommended way for me to receive answers to such questions as I asked in my above linked Topic, and if so, what is that way?

One of the Accointing gurus replied thusly on my “Some questions …” topic that I linked above:

This reply answers my questions raised on this thread. Thanks!

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Maybe email the support team. The wording of your query is quite complicated. Maybe you can simplify what you’re asking :smiley:

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I used email, for some other questions. That too took several days . I was preferring this forum, rather than email, for these questions, because I thought that the answers to my questions might be helpful to others.

If I thought that the Accointing developers had some spare time, I’d encourage them to document such things as I was asking, or if already documented elsewhere, point to that documentation at the point of likely use, or if they thought they had already done that, re-read that documentation and see if perhaps it didn’t say all it could have said, and also to document what, and when, to expect in the way of support here, via email and on the support.accointing.com (that I can’t create an account on, as I reported via email).

But since there is no chance that they have spare time … I’d just be a cantankerous old fart to suggest any such thing. Never mind me.

Doing what you have been doing is the best. We will get to you as soon as we can! They just hired me, so hopefully things will go faster :slight_smile: