What on earth causes the 'No purchase history' error for an order

I had the funds to make the order yet Accointing flags it as a ‘No purchase history’ error.

I bought some cryptocurrency and the purchase went through as 8 separate orders and they all went through at exactly the same time, to the second.

The error always goes onto the same order of the 8 total orders. The orders were bought into Accointing via file import. In fact all orders for this exchange go in through file import, they have no API route.

I had the funds necessary to make the order.

Why am I getting this error?

Go to Review in the top right, and then go to step 4.
If you cannot figure out what is wrong in the Full Data set, then click Fix for me.
I would suggest that you refresh all your wallets before your do click Fix for me, to see if the refresh fixes it first.

A common thing is that the API did not catch the fee, so this error may accrue and say that you are missing purchase data for some tiny amount.

Thanks for replying Matt,

I don’t want to force through using the ‘fix it for me’ option unless I really have to. You must have come across this problem before.

The orders weren’t brought in by API, they were done with the CSV (actually EXCEL) route. All inputs to this wallet are done this way. It doesn’t accept API at all.

Finally we are talking about an error of about $5,000 (five thousand dollars!), it is not a trivial amount caused by ‘dust’ or what have you.

I tried the refresh before and again just now but it has no effect.

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Would you be willing to allow us to take a look at that data? If so please fill out this form :slight_smile:

Dear Matt,

By which I would need to email you the entire database?

I don’t know about that.

Best regards,

The miscalculation error should be fixed now. Please refresh your wallets and let me know if it is working now :smiley:


Thanks for the reply.

The wallet in question is manual only, how do I refresh a manual wallet? Do I delete all the records from that wallet and load them again?

I tried by just deleting the eight records that are associated with the error; they all had the same time stamp (incidentally, the error always locates on the same transaction of those eight) but it made no difference, the error is still there.

By the way, when I deleted the eight records the warning message that pops up on the screen states that “This is an API imported transaction…” when it isn’t. These records, and all records from this particular exchange, were imported from CSV file. This exchange has no API facility.

I refreshed all other relevant wallets that had API links.

I still have the same error. Nothing has changed.

Best regards,

Are you able to send me screenshots?
You cannot refresh a manual wallet.
If this is a manual wallet then this is weird and maybe another bug.
When you are editing your total data set, does something pop up in the top right that says to re-calcuate? Click on that.


I always click any ‘calculate’ button that appears, to recalculate the database.

I attached two screen shots. It is the same view, first has the error message clicked so you can read it. (please delete them after you have looked at them).

The error always appears on that same order for 25,230.7723 XRP.

Hey @Chispa can you send us your full data set so that we can take a deeper look?
Please download it here and submit it with the form below:

@Matt Thanks the explanation.

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Sorry, don’t want to do that.

What normally causes this problem?


When you submitted the 2 screenshots to our email team, what did they say?

Thank you for this imfprmation!
I will see if this is enough without knowing your public wallet address :slight_smile:

This error could be completely unrelated to these transactions. we need to have all the transactions of your XRP all the way from when you bought/transferred it into your Bitrue wallet. we need this because we would need to verify the math to see if there is an error in the calculation or in the transactions themselves.

Since you said you uploaded the data via a file upload, I’m assuming this meant you downloaded and used our template. we need to see if we can reproduce this error, would you be willing to send the template you used to support@accointing.com. Make sure it includes all transactions involving XRP, including any fees, swaps, withdrawals, and deposits. And if you can also verify the transactions included in this file are causing an error, that would also be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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No I didn’t say that. I said that the COINFIELD data was uploaded by file only.

The Bitrue XRP went from CoinbasePro - Coinbase - Binance - Bitstamp. These are API uploads. The Sonbird went from Bitrue to Metamask as a manual upload.

Do people often send you files and API codes?

Seems a little unusual.

Yes, we always ask for this information since these are read only and contain all the information we are needing. according to the screenshots you posted, the error is occurring in your Bitrue wallet. It says manual next to all the transactions, so unless you uploaded the transactions in your Bitrue wallet individually using our interface, they had to have been done using our template.

Is this not the case?

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Since the error is occurring in your Bitrue wallet, it means there is a miscalculation somewhere in the amount of XRP available in your Bitrue wallet to cover those transactions. so we at least need a screenshot of all the transactions in that wallet with the fees shown. If we are unable to visually see the problem, we would then need the data that causes the error to reproduce and fix the problem.

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