What if Zabo could fix most of your exchange integration issues?

It seems like it’s a massive effort to maintain all the exchange integrations like you’re currently doing. Has Accointing considered using Zabo? It’s a platform that manages all these integrations for you, providing a unified API so you can query customers’ crypto accounts.

I suspect many of the exchange requests on this board may already be implemented by Zabo. Would love to know if your developers have considered it.

This api is great. I wish i found out about this earlier. I have been writing my own tool which is essentially that product. Wish i found it sooner!

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Yeah, it does seem pretty impressive. They don’t list pricing on the site, but from my enquiry it is free for the first 100 wallets, then $0.32 per wallet accessed each month, although gets even cheaper as the number of wallets increases.

Otherwise developers can also try CCXT which is an open-source library that tries to standardise the info coming from exchanges via a unified API.

I just spent a few hours with their product. There is still a lot of work to do on their end. Missing connection providers, blockchains support, etc.

OK, interesting. Thanks for the feedback. So was there no ability to get a list of transactions direct from any blockchains? And which exchanges did you find missing? I was also thinking of having a play with it, so would be to good to know.

There is, but the problem is blockchain support. They have “integrations” with a number of different wallet providers or exchanges, but the actual support for certain block chains is limited. For example if i just want to connect up an Algorand wallet address. or a VeChain address. Or if i click into Ledger or Trust as a provider, each only has two options for address type. Ethereum and Bitcoin. Nothing else. I can’t even connect an individual Binance Smart Chain address either directly or through Trust (which is where my main BSC address is connected). The concept has potential, but theres a lot of work to make it a usable solution.

I started coding on my own tooling last week and already have better support than they do. Alot of these crypto startups are super small businesses with few developers and limited resources. Even the tax calculation tools are all pretty mediocre (which is why i’m making my own). If you do all of your trading in a single app then its pretty straight forward. But I have thousands of transactions across 5 exchanges and tens of wallets, coins with complex inflation/deflation, burn/tax rules baked into their smart contracts, swaps with various AMMs, various types of staking including auto compounding staking pools, delegated staking, etc. Theres a lot to cover and no one has got it locked down and progress seems slow. Keeping an eye on things with high hopes though otherwise this is going to be a rough tax season.

Thank you for letting us know about Zabo and CCXT.
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