What are you doing? Duplicate txns, manual entries gone

Duplicate txns, manual entries gone. For the love of GOD please stop changing this at the end of the year. Please I beg you.

I do apologize, @Sip, the duplicate transactions should have been fixed a few days ago.
Maybe I can help, which exchange/wallet are you having issues with?

Thank you for responding - It was metamask and coinbase. I cleaned it up just now.

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I am glad that you were able to work it out, we apologies for that error.

Quick question- When errors are found such as 2X transactions and Accointing sends an updated fix. Will the wallets fix the errors when it is updated or do we have to delete the wallets and redo a new API sync?
Thank you

Typically we ask you to delete and reimport your wallet, however, the last issue we had was so bad that we fixed it on our end and had you only refresh our wallets.

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