WAX blockchain wallet support

The WAX blockchain is becoming a more and more popular chain for NFT/play-to-earn gaming, with big names like Alien.Worlds (alienworlds dot io) and Farmers World (farmersworld dot io), as well as awesome up and coming titles like Million on Mars (milliononmars dot com).

The WAX chain has popular NFT marketplaces like AtomicHub with over 9,000,000 WAX ($4.5 million USD) daily volume and EOSIO fungible token marketplaces like Alcor Exchange with over 70,000,000 WAX ($35 million USD) daily volume. They have a nice explorer dApp called bloks (wax dot bloks dot io).

Regardless of NFT support, just getting EOSIO fungible token support would be great too, so withdrawals to the WAX chain don’t complain on Accointing of disappearing into the void. Hopefully NFT support will be growing, particularly with the (hopefully soon) addition of support for the ETH sidechain Ronin as well.

I would hope to see a transaction auto-import feature, similar to what is available for ETH/BSC/etc. addresses.


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