Warning: Coins generated through staking don't show up in report


This is just a warning that Accointing is currently broken when it comes to selling coins that were generated through staking – they simply don’t show up in the report anymore. it used to work up until a couple of month ago. I have already reported this issue.

Given the following example:

The tax report shows the gain in the overall profit number, but the categories are all 0 and there are no trades in the report listed, not even the sell order.

Hey, @fahi are you following this guide?

If you have any more issue, please create a ticket and a link to this page for background context :slight_smile:

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Hi Matt,

I have not changed my Accointing data in two years and the transactions have only recently disappeared from the tax report.

I had a look at your guide, and it seems to be in line with what I’m doing above, except that I did not create a separate staking pool wallet since I have not used a staking pool.

In the screenshot above, you can see that there is a profit of 15.43€, but this data is nowhere to be found in the report, neither in the section where it belongs, nor in the transactions. The trade on May 24th, 2021 simply does not show up in the tax report at all.

Does it seem that this is your issue?
Can you please download and send us a copy of your full data set by creating a ticket?

No, it’s a bug in Accointing which was recently introduced. I created another Account which holds only 2 transactions – the ones you see above – and I can reproduce this issue. I have created a ticket (#3284). Would be great to have this prioritized.