Wallet status "Connection is down" / "Something went wrong" for one of two Stellar XLM wallets

I use the standard Accointing method to automatically import two different XLM wallets via XLM address.

This has worked without any problems for months, but now there is a bug.
For the Stellar XLM account on my Ledger Nano, the infamous error “Something went wrong” is suddenly displayed without me having triggered a refresh myself.
The error persists when I click on “Try again”.

The second Stellar XLM account on my Keybase wallet is still working fine.

Accointing software has lost the ability to import Stellar accounts properly.
The reported bug now also occurs with the second XLM wallet and I have a guess as to the cause of the error.

Accointing is not able to handle Stellar addresses with “Pending Claimable Balances”.
This generates the uninformative error message “Something went wrong.”

For me, in both cases, the Stellar coin “LIES” (that’s its real name) is causing the problem.
==> https://liecoin.org//
This generates the uninformative error message “Something went wrong.”

I would like you to take action to quickly address this bug that will sooner or later affect all XLM holders. It makes no sense to solve this problem with single tickets user by user.

I have now imported a third test account, where the error does not occur, as expected, because this one has no “pending claimable balances”.
Of course I can provide the three Stellar addresses to the developers, but I don’t want to publish them here in the forum.

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I have created a bug for it and will keep you posted once this is fixed. I appreciate your time and patience.

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Having a very similar issue with 1 of my Stellar Wallets. Other Stellar wallets that have only XLM are working fine. The one with issues has other Stellar assets like AQUA, yXLM, and yUSDC in addition to XLM.

Wallet address: StellarExpert | Stellar XLM block explorer and analytics platform

The error is “Connection is Down / Something went Wrong” and incorrect balances are shown. I deleted and re-imported the wallet from scratch but it did not fix the issue.

Appears to be reproducible if I import another stellar address that touches those same assets.

I figured out the import works up through 8/23, my first yXLM transaction on 8/23 causes the import to error.

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Hello “helpful Joe”,
one thing is for sure: Your account name is well deserved.

Thanks to your precise date information, I was able to trace a second cause of error from your Stellar address, which ultimately leads to the same symptom.

But before I post more links with your Stellar address here in the forum, I wanted to make sure,
that you didn’t just post your address here by mistake.

By the way, I have to admit that I generally don’t post my Crypto addresses in public forums for privacy reasons.

I still have two questions:

  1. am I correct in assuming that you placed a yXLM buy order on August 23?
  2. was the necessary trustline set up automatically or did you have to define it manually?

Thank you very much for the help.


Thanks for the quick reply! I have to earn my username every day ;). I don’t mind posting one of my Stellar addresses in this case if it helps with the import issue.

  1. The first yXLM transaction actually took a couple days, I sent the XLM to UltraStellar on 8/21, and received the yXLM back on 8/23.

  2. If I remember correctly, I manually set up the trustline before receiving the yXLM.

If you need anything else let me know.

Thanks! :smiley:


My daughter’s wallet started having the same problem after receiving and unsolicited airdrop. This was the transaction:




Hey guys, we are still looking at supporting other coins on the XLM blockchain.