Wallet Adress metamask on Ethereum read out incomplete

Hi Accounting Team,

I recognized the follwing:

  1. read out of my ethereum Adress is incomplete, I have besides Ether 9 additional ERC20 Tokens
  2. the Jupiter(JUP) Token is not known by the app
  3. the read out of my HEZ Tokens does not happen

So could you please explain why the import does not work properly. I used latest coinstats as tracker of my portfolio without any of this problems. Would be very nice to have support for any ERC20 Token and if unknown to have a possibility to import name over the contract Adress of the Tokens, in a way like if you add a custom token in metamask.

So 1. what can I do if Tokens are not in the read out in general and 2. if a token is unknown how can I name it so that a tracking will happen properly.