WAGMI Token is treated as a low balance coin

WAGMI was just added today and has a problem. The token price, gain amount, and % gain are showing correctly but the value and 24 hour value are zero. It’s being treated as a low balance coin and none of the value of the coin shows in the portfolio total at the top of the page. However, the token’s value does show in the graph, just not in the portfolio total.

It’s working well now, no more issue with $WAGMI.

Is this your coin? Euphoria price today, WAGMI to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

The coin is showing just fine for me in my test wallet :thinking:, may I ask how much of this coin do you own?
Which exchange/wallet do you hold it with?
Have you refreshed that exchange/wallet lately?
Did you own this coin before it was added to CoinMarketCap’s website?

All is on my account and i wanna sell all

Hey @kikikiki , Accointing is only a portfolio tracker, in order to see your coins, you would need to go to the exchange/wallet that you originally purchased the coins.

Matt, I think we cross-posted, all is working well now with $WAGMI. Probably I didn’t give it enough time before using the new token, it seems to take up to a day to fully work inside Accointing after it appears on CMC.