Vulcan Forged (PYR) Hack

Late last year, this gaming token was hacked on polygon. The devs created a new one and i was eventually able to trade out of it, but i don’t believe the correct values are reflected in Accointing.

Can you send me the CoinMarketCap link to this coin?
Does CMC only have the new coin, or also the old coin listed?

Looks like they only have one contract link for polygon, which is where they got hacked so it must be the new one.

If this helps at all, when i’m selecting it as the currency in a transaction in accointing, it shows the name, ticker and logo, but when that transaction is listed in the full data set, it’s greyed out like it doesn’t know what it is.

Hey, any update on the status of the PYR token?

Please go to your review sections, find the PYR coin and then unignore it.
That should fix the greyed out issue :slight_smile:

So my understanding is that you buy a coin (PYR), then you lost the coin, and later they were retrieved. Did you receive ALL the lost coins? Were they deposited back into the same wallet/exchange that you lost them from?

If the above is correct, I can talk to our tax guy, but treat it as if you never lost the coins, but instead, you held the coins the entire time.

Have you filed a tax report already with this coin when it was classified as lost? If so, you would need to correct that classification as they are no longer lost.

Hey, so the PYR coin shown in the screenshot is not ignored, it just looks like that on the transaction list.

What happened was I was holding the token, then there was a hack to that token on Polygon. My tokens remained in my wallet but they were valued at almost nothing, even though PYR retained its value on other chains. I traded in and out a couple times on Quickswap, but then left them in my wallet after researching the situation.

The team eventually created a new token and credited existing wallets and I was able to trade out of the token for closer to original price.

Original token contract - 0x348e62131fce2f4e0d5ead3fe1719bc039b380a9
Replacement token contract - 0x430ef9263e76dae63c84292c3409d61c598e9682

As of now, the value of the original token is reflected in my tx history and is highlighted with the logo. The transactions with the new replacement token are the ones that look grey.

If the cost basis of your transaction is wrong, please do an OTC trade to set it right: