View Unrealize Gain in Portfolio Tab

Can you add a feature in your mobile app such that it will display the total unrealized/realized gain in initial view of portfolio tab? Currently, it only displays the 24h price change of the crypto.

When I click on the crypto, I can view the profit/loss (unrealized gain). This info is the one I want to see directly. Maybe, can add a button to switch the Price column to see percentage gain “By Purchase”.

I love this idea! Vote here, the more votes a feature requests gets, the higher priority it will become with Accointing.

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Yeap, this would be great. Basically I’m ignoring the app and accessing the website on my mobile for now.
I also love the Gains (Accointing - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & Tax Software) page.

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I just realized, this feature already exist in their website :sweat_smile:

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Try this guys :slight_smile: