Video training on creating correct tax report

Is there a video training on how to use this software from connecting wallets to creating tax report or I need to do an accounting degree to use it? and I am not just talking about knowing what to click and where to click. I should be able to figure out if my taxes are calculated correctly or not, all data is consistent or not before creating tax report.

currently, I see that many transactions are not classified but the software will still give a tax report which is obviously a junk report as it’s based on incomplete data but the software won’t tell me to correct things before creating a report. why is that so?

I think most users will be creating junk tax report from this software as there is no means to know whether all data is consistent and complete before creating the report. This is sharp contrast to other fiat tax filing software which will tell that data is incomplete and report cannot be produced

how to verify that data is complete and consistent before I create a tax report?

  1. Accointing’s YouTube: ACCOINTING . com - YouTube
  2. Accointing’s Hub (Search for your exchange, we have a lot of them on here): Import and Track your Kucoin Portfolio - The Hub on
  1. Please check the review section
  2. Also please review your Full Data Set for all transactions and classify.
  3. Some exchange’s API do not share their data via API - Binance for example do not send their Fiat purchases via their API.

This may also help :slight_smile:
Here is the breakdown of classifications: Crypto Tax Classifications : Accointing AG
Here is how you are taxed per classification: You searched for classifications - The Hub on

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