VeChain (VET) - Tracking support for Wallets

Hello Accointing Team,

Would be awesome if you could add the Function to track VeChain (VET) Wallets in Accointing as well.
Just Like XRP or Ethereum, without adding manual transactions.


Accointing - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & Tax Software is this it?

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Yes it’s this :+1:t3: Awesome :fire:
this feature weren‘t available back then. Maybe it was updated and i didnt catch up.


I have found some Issues, i connected my wallet.
Have 2 improvement proposals:

  • there is an Issue with VTHO transactions, they displayed me that i‘ve sended VET, but i sended VTHO.
    So there is showing me a false Valuation.

  • the transaction hash is wrong, you should not use the Etherscan Website for transactions.
    VeChain has its own Explorer, they are not on Ethereum anymore. For example

Pls fix these 2 problems. Thanks

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Actually, there are several tokens on the VeChainThor Blockchain (not just $VET and $VTHO). Currently every transaction will always be registered with VET, which is wrong.

See full list of tokens here: VeChain Tokens

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