Value of MetaMask not within Portfolio value /Portfoliowert

Metamask coin values are not within the Portfolio value.
Any reason for it available or is it a new issue?

auf der Portfolio Übersichtsseite ist im Portfoliowert nicht der Betrag der MetaMask Wallet enthalten.
Ist das ein schon bekannter Fehler an dem gearbeitet wird?

Hi @goFrankygo ! Could you please give us a bit more about context about your issue?

On the Accointing main page all coins are listed and on the top of this list you get the overall value of all listed coins => One coin is missing in the list., the one of my Metamask wallet.

But on the Accointing wallet overview page the missing coin is listed.

This sounds like the same issue I reported in another thread with the top coin missing, in my case it was LTX. Mine was also was from my Metamask wallet.

Ah, okay. I had the impression, that a new feature was added to the maiin list (sold coins). Maybe wwhen adding this feature a mistake was done.

Hi Rod,

What does the Acocointing staff says about it?

Hey guys! Taking a look at it shortly and we will get back to you once we have a clear answer. Apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused.