Using xPolinate to bridge does not show up as internal. Cannot mark as internal by hand either

I use to bridge between polygon and eth chains, but it will not let me mark them as internal without first marking them as ignored and then adding them again manually

you can see my transactions here:

So this is a weird case as the laws are not specific in this area, though I am unsure of your country as well. Therefore it is up to the user to classify as they want depending on how they chose to treat this kind of transaction. For example, with loans, the collateral should not be taxable, therefore, it should be an internal transfer as if it was staking, but the keyword is should. if someone wants to be super conservative they could do it as a trade. Similar to a LP, you can treat as a deposit or taxable event, or as if you are staking.

If you choose to mark them as Internal consider this article: Internal Transactions - The Hub: Crypto and Bitcoin Tax Blog |

Knowing our tax stance on this issue, I am unsure if we want to automatically identify these transactions as internals.

Even if they are not automatically identified, the ability to identify them manually without going in and editing the transaction. Also, xpolinate is a cross chain transfer with a fee. I am sending from 1 chain to a wallet i own on another chain. so i am both the sender and receiver

I am collecting data about internals right now, actually :slight_smile: Would you be willing to comment your ideas on how to make internals more user-friendly in this post?

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