Using "swap" classification on CSV Import


I’m trying to import a CSV and automatically classify transactions as swap but import doesn’t like the “swap” classification.
It complains about Use one of the following “fee”, “gambling_used”, “gift_sent”, “ignored”, “interest_paid”, “lending”, “lost”, “margin_fee”, “margin_loss”, “payment”, “remove_funds” there is no swap classification. But when I export a transaction(s) from Accointing, it automatically mark swaps for the transactions (e.g. swapping for LP).

Or am I missing something? Is this the correct way?

If I remove the “swap” classification, it goes thru but then I have to manually classify the transaction post import which is a lot.

Please send us your spreadsheet so we can take a deeper look :slight_smile:

How do I reply to the same ticket number? If I reply via email, it asks me to submit a new ticket.

Hey @Romeo instead of a swap, merge the 2 swaps together as an order :slight_smile:

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Got it. Thanks. That’ll also save some transaction counts. :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m still doing some optimization on my code as traversing Solana transactions are very time consuming. I’ll share something once it’s ready (no offense to but there are a lot of missing transactions).
Feel free to close this one. Thanks.

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Definitely send us your code if you are willing once you got it taken care of! :smiley:
We will take a look and possibly approve it!

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