Use CoinGecko API For Missing Currencies

Currently CoinMarketCap is the only thing being used to get coin info. They have strict rules on which coins get listed. CoinGecko has a larger amount of coins being tracked and add new ones faster. There are currencies that probably wont ever be listed on CoinMarketCap but already are listed on CoinGecko. Their API is free to use, so we should be getting info from there for all the missing currencies to either replace or supplement the CoinMarketCap API. Below is a link to the CoinGecko API.

Agree, this would make a HUGE difference to usability and instantly solve a tonne of these ‘please add this coin’ requests. My main gripe about Accointing is the way it handles ‘unknown coins’.


A List of coins that I know of that are not on CoinMarketCap


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UPCO2 (Uphold) UPCO2 - Carbon Credits - Uphold