USDT.e Token Missing in my AVAX MetaMask Wallet

I’ve connected my MetaMask wallet to the AVAX network. I wasn’t able to connect the wallet by selecting MetaMask cause it would not allow me to select the AVAX network. It kept defaulting to the Polygon network. So instead I was able to search for the wallet “AVAX” and entered in my metamask address. It did import most of my tokens in that wallet except for USDT.e

Is there a way to add this token to the AVAX wallet within Accointing?

USDT.e is a bit different from USDT.

Please see the difference at

The old tokens without the .e were used for the old bridge. They are currently being phased out, and are not pegged properly. DO NOT BUY THEM LOL.

Any ideas?

If your coin is at a 1:1 value of another coin, please go to the review section and sync the value of it as described in this article: