USDT calculation issue


since yesterday the CMC issue my USDT show -13M how can I fix this?

CoinMarketCap was reporting inaccurate data yesterday, they have now fixed the issue, please refresh your wallet and it should fix itself :slight_smile:

I know the CMC issue. In this case everything on the mobil app is correct. I also added SIDUS and SENAT Token yesterday which I bought in IDO the are 30x plus and the web interface show 0. Mobile app is correct. Same with USDT just web view is incorrect. Delete browser cache aadd also tried another fresh browser. Still the same. Incorrect portfolio consumption value and USDT plus the IDO Token are incorrect in the web ui.

We are still seeing some users that have transactions that are affected by the CMC price situation. This applies to all transactions that were executed while CMC was delivering the wrong prices. The price chart & history is already fixed, the affected users will need to switch their country twice (to a country of a different currency and then back to their currency), this will trigger a fresh fetch of the prices.
Here is an example:

If that does not seem to solve your issue, please check for duplicates in your full data set and get back to me :slight_smile:

Thank you. Solved.

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