Uphold API and BNB wallet

For several weeks now I get “Something went wrong” when trying to sync Uphold and my BNB wallet. I figured maybe an update would come to fix this but no. So I am unable to sync my newest transactions from Uphold and my BNB wallet.

So I was able to fix Uphold by re-linking the API. Still having issues with BNB wallet

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Are you sure you have a BNB wallet (old chain) and not the new BSC wallet (New chain)?

Try copying and pasting your address in the Binance Smart Chain on and see if that one works :slight_smile:

Yes I am sure. I have both a bnb and a bsc wallet. My bsc wallet is fine. My bnb wallet was fine when first linked. Its not a big deal because i have no intention of adding anymore transactions to bnb, just thought maybe their was a bug you guys would want to be aware of :ok_hand:

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Thank you so much for clarifying! I will submit a bug report! Would

you be willing to send us your public address so that we can test to make sure we got it working before we public the patch?

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Yeah no problem! Submitted a ticket.

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The issue is not fixed, let me know if you have any more issues with BNB!

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