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I need to upgrade my account from Hobbyist to Trader. I had already paid Eur 79 for my Hobbyist account. Yet, when I try to upgrade to Trader, instead of having to pay just the difference, I am asked to pay the full Eur 199. This is wrong. I should be asked to pay Eur 129 given that I’ve already paid Eur 79 before. Please tell me how to proceed.

Please submit a ticket and we will make it right :slight_smile:

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  • If you would like to get support from an official member of the team, please create a ticket.

  • Wenn du Hilfe von einer anderen Person aus der Community erhalten möchtest, frage bitte in unserem Discord.

  • Wenn du Unterstützung von einem offiziellen Teammitglied erhalten möchtest, erstelle bitte ein Ticket.

Already done. Still waiting for a response.

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