Update existing wallets or exchanges with native csv files generated from wallets and exchange

You can currently start a new wallet or exchange using a csv file generated by the website or wallet. Unfortunately any updates have to be done with the accointing template. I would be nice if I could use the native csv file to do updates. If transaction ID recording is being used properly only new transactions would be updated. Nexo.io is one place this would definately work great for considering it generates new transactions for the daily interest accruals per asset held on the site. Right now if I want to update this wallet in accointing I am deleting the wallet and reuploading it every so often.

This is exactly why I came here! I am looking for the same functionality. I tried koinly and deleting the wallet and adding a new one just screwed my whole account up doubling it.

So, deleting it works on accounting without any negative side effects like koinly had?

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