Update 2021/19/03

Wallet and Exchange Support:

  • Add Support for Nexo
  • Improve Ledger CSV Import
  • Improve ETH by adding further edge case handling (Self-tx)
  • Fix Kraken csv orders
  • Add Kraken spend & receive csv tx types
  • Fix Vechain import problems
  • Add Coinbase earn tx to csv importer
  • Fix gemini importer to include internal transactions
  • Resolve BSC Fee issue

ACCOINTING.com and Mobile App:

  • Add a new chart to the overview: Net Profits
  • Improve filter clearing on the full data set
  • Allow login from The Hub
  • Improve the missing funds experience
  • Improve the actual balance experience
  • Improve our UK Tax report
  • Improve classification handling
  • Improve the wallet provider search experience