Update 2021/18/05

Wallet and Exchange Support:

  • Fix manual template currencies validation
  • Improve Binance transfer parsing for CSV files
  • Add more information to the Bitmex import-flow
  • Improve Xpub Address Derivation
  • Add Gate.io API import, improve CSV
  • Improved fee handling in CSV for Ledger
  • Add new Videos describing how to update
  • Resolve Kraken ETH2 issues in an edge case, add .M currency support
  • Improve Changely withdraw fee handling
  • Improve Bitpanda importing, improve CSV

ACCOINTING.com and Mobile App:

  • Adjust file upload limit
  • Add ESTV rates 2020 (Switzerland)
  • Fix Datetime picker (updating seconds)
  • Add new insights to the summary widget: Most bought and sold coins
  • Improve localized date formatting in Tax Reports