Update 2021/08/03

Wallet and Exchange Support:

  • Improve Crypto.com CSV Parsing
  • Improve LTC support
  • Improve ZEC support
  • Improve Ledger CSV support
  • Add Doge Coin wallet Import
  • Add Vechain wallet import
  • Improve Bybit CSV Import
  • Improve Kraken Future CSV support
  • Improve Binance Margin Import
  • Add support for Binance COIN-M futures
  • Fix Tezos Importer
  • Add support for Binance Smart Chain
  • Improved error parsing from Exchanges and Wallets
  • Improve BRD import flow
  • Improve LTC import flow for xpub/ltub address types
  • Adjust Binance CSV imports to the new date format
  • Improve support for FTX stable coin behavior
  • Adapt to Bittrex’s new rate limit and new CSV file

ACCOINTING.com and Mobile App:

  • Improve filter user experience
  • Improve Review page performance
  • Improve locale behavior in the Datepicker and in various places in the UI
  • Improve Wallet Dropdown
  • Improve the Socket Service to deliver better real time data
  • Adding The Hub and iterate on its appearance
  • Improve number handling of really small amounts (scientific notation)
  • Improve the “you versus others” calculation
  • Various Performance Improvements
  • Resolve an issue with our referral program, allow change of email
  • Improve the data loading for the new summary overlay
  • Fix unassociated transfers OTC/ICO
  • Improve deletion of internal transactions
  • Improve realtime prices for the mobile app
  • Enable the new Lists feature to all of our mobile users (rolled out soon)