Unknown currency problem -ftx


I am experincing the unknown currency problem for the following assets

The assets with the numbers are futures contracts for, xrp, ltc and dot through the FTX exchange, as these futures contracts we’re for the three months ahead etc, they no longer exist and are now …XRP-1231 for example < december>

Any ideas what I should do in this instance?


  • kin is a perp contract on ftx


any help would be awesome!


I am sorry, I do not personally trade futures, so I will ask my team and get back to you.

thank you :grinning:

Hey Matt any news on what to do in this situation?


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We are currently looking into the tax laws and such in various countries. We plan to post and article about our findings.

Hey thanks Matt,

Appreciate your helping just rushing as I need to complete the accounts soon :>

Can you ask them to add Kin?

Doesn’t appear to be on the list to add currently

Thanks :slight_smile:

Coins that are on CoinMarketCap are now automatically added to the ACCOINTING.com database, a day or 2 after CMC adds it to their database :slight_smile:
Please see the review tab and see if you can sync your coins :slight_smile:

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