Unknown Currencies

Hi @SSSkylark! Missing currencies are fixed using the review button. If you ignore them, ACCOINTING.com can’t assign a price, so we can’t track your gains :cry: If you have more questions, please read this article ACCOINTING.com Platform Step by Step Guide

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What if the currency that I have is not listed on the options? What should i do?

You can ask to implement your missing currencies to ACCOINTING.com here. If coinmarketcap.com has the token you need, we can add it :slight_smile:


Hello, some of the currencies were not listed on the options, should i just mark them ignore?

Also, how should i record transfer transactions?

if they aren’t able to be added right now, you can either ignore them or just lease them alone and wait for them to be added.

Transfers that get added automatically can be left there, it’ll be easier if they eventually do get added. you cant add manual transfers using the interface without the coin being listed but you might be able to upload it using an XML file by selecting bulk uploads.

Also since the coins aren’t listed on CoinMarketCap, they might be listed on CoinGecko. If they are listed there then they would be perfect for my feature request of using CoinGecko for new coin info. the link to that request is posted below, just in case you wanted to vote for it to be implemented. but either way, make sure to ocassionally check CoinMarketCap for those missing coins, and request those coins to be added when they are listed.

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Hello Again,

I have a quick question, if I buy a token, how can I classify my transaction? should I classify them as payment?


if it was bought using fiat you can classify it as add funds. but that doesnt track lost fiat in accointing. the best thing to do is add a manual deposit of the fiat you purchased it with and do either a swap transaction or an order transaction for the purchased coin like so…

Appreciate your answer.

Now I am trying to do a manual deposit, but I can’t seems to figure that out.
Can you please tell me how should I do it?
Thank you.

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Oh that’s easy, just go to the dataset using the web app, and click the add button on top.

Just make sure the time you put for the manual deposit of fiat is for 1 minute before the deposit of your new coin, and the withdraw of fiat is the the same time as the deposit of your new coin.

To get the fee charged for the withdraw shown in the picture, classify the deposit of your new coin as a swap and it’ll tell you the cost basis, then withdraw that amount of fiat and the difference is the fee amount.

I do hope i can do it correctly. :relieved:

Btw, one more question, I have seen a lot of duplicated transactions, should I delete or ignore them?
Almost all of my deposit were duplicated in some point, which i don’t have any idea why.

I would really appreciate if you can clarify this, and my apology if i asked to many questions, this is my first time using accointing.

Hope to hear it from you soon. :blush:

If they were duplicated, you should ignore them so they don’t appear again. If you delete them then they will probably just appear right back again using the api import from your wallet… if you know it’s a duplicate and it says imported by API, then its safe to just mark it as ignore.

I did ignored them all, however, I wasn’t really sure if that will affect my overall transaction report.
I had to deal with more than 2K transactions and to be honest I thought using Accointing can help me make it easier, however, still i have trace everything manually. I do appreciate the support that I am getting here that compared to TokenTax.

Once again, thank you for your support. :blush:

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Hello Alan,

I have noticed that there were transactions from Balancer pool that were recorded wrongly, I used it for yield farming for YFV, but it pickedup BAL Token Value instead of YFV, it created huge discrepancy.

I have tried to ignored them but it affect my total portfolio allocation. I am really unsure how to fix this issue, I would really appreciate if you can direct me.

Thank you.

Here is the screenshot below.
On my wallet, I only have 103 Token, and on my Accointing, it shows 925,345++ BAL Token.
How can I possibly fix this issue?

of my transactions which insanely incorrect on Accointing.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.


Just so you know, I do not actually work for Accointing, so i don’t want to miss-represent anything, but i can definitely try and help you fix your problem.

Im pretty sure by this you meant that you put “YFV” into a yield farm on Balancer but Accointing thinks you used “BAL” instead. If i am incorrect, can you please clarify further.

You might need to find those affected transactions and manually edit them to change the currency used to be “YFV”, if they are already set to “YFV” then can you please screenshot all the transactions of both “YFV” and “BAL”.

Also since you mentioned you were using them to Yield Farm, i thought id send you a link to a blog post on how to properly categorize the farm transactions as internal.

Appreciate your response. I have tried reaching out on their Telegram Channel but no answer at all.

I am trying to solve that issue, but nothing works.

So on Etherscan transaction looks like this:

And as you can see it is just removing liquidity from Balancer Pool, but on accointing it takes the 368k Balancer Pool Tokens instead of KNC and YFV tokens. That results in a transaction worth 7m$ instead of the value of KNC and YFV (approx 7600$). How to fix this? There are around 100 transactions with the same issue resulting in incorrect additional value of 64m.

it shows in accointing that it is a withdraw of those tokens as a payment. is this a deposit into the liquidity pool? is it withdrawing from a liquidity pool, and that is supposed to be the
exchange of your LP Tokens?

It shows in the transaction on etherscan as “BPT”. is that supposed to be the liquidity pool token? if so, do you have an unknown currency that is falsely labeled as BAL on Accointing?

can you please explain that specific transaction a little more.

i’ll show you what my transactions into and out of a liquidity pool look like, since it sounds like this is what is happening here…

this is an example of the deposit into the liquidity pool where i was depositing SUTER & BNB. so in accointing it was transfered to a wallet named after the pool so it can be marked as internal and not pay extra taxes (this method was shared with you earlier via a link). and the deposit of the LP token was ignored since there was no fee associated with that transaction.

This is an example of the withdraw from that same liquidity pool. The manual withdraws from the pool wallet matched up with the deposits from the API import to create internal transactions. As for the LP Token, since there was a transfer fee i labeled the transaction as fee, and the LP token itself has been ignored under unknown currencies. This to fix the changed amounts of both coins from the removal, i just did an order transaction to fix the problem.

i don’t know if any of this helps but maybe it’ll give you some ideas on how to fix the problem. Its hard to know whats happening without more detail on how you are handling the whole process.

Consider voting for these in the meantime:

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