Unknown Currencies - which currency choosing

Hi there!
I have a question on how to deal with missing currencies from AAVE. The ones I have listed as missing are the following :
Aave Interest bearing Aave Token
Aave Interest bearing ETH
Aave Interest bearing LEND
Aave Interest bearing SNX
Aave interest bearing WETH
Aave variable debt bearing DAI

Do you have any clue about which currency in Accointing I can associate these tokens to ?

Thanks for your help!

Aave interest bearing EHT = AETH

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Nice, thanks!
I already found a few ones. Although I still don’t find any matching currencies for these ones :confused: :

Aave Interest bearing Aave Token
Aave Interest bearing LEND
Aave interest bearing WETH
An Etheal Promo
Binance-Peg Dogecoin
INS Promo
SyrupBar Token

Anyone has a clue which ones could be matching ? And what to do with the ones that don’t match ?


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Looking at the description of your Aave Interest bearing tokens, it seems they are 1:1 value of the coin they are holding. So I would do as @adriank said and for example, for your Aave Interest bearing ETH associate it with the value of ETH.

An Etheal Promo = HEALP - This has been requested before and is unfortunately not available on CoinMarketCap and therefore not available on Accointing. Consider voting for this and this in the meantime and let me know if your missing coins are ever available on CoinMarketCap and I will be sure to add them :D.

Binance-Peg Dogecoin - “Tokens that are wrapped and pegged by Binance on a 1:1 ratio to the corresponding native token.” Therefore associate the value of this to Dogecoin.

DomRaiderToken (DRT) - I just added, should be available tomorrow at the latest :slight_smile:
HashPanda (PANDA) - Just added :slight_smile:
INS Promo (INSP) - Not available on CMC
SyrupBar Token (SYRUP) - Not available on CMC


Thanks a lot for your help @Matt ! So when a token is not available on CMC, what would be the best way to proceed regarding having an accurate tax report ?

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Vote for these, things like these are in the pipeline to help with issues like yours :slight_smile:

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