Unable to manually importing using Accointing XLSX Template

When trying to import transactions manually using the Accointing Template, an error is given. No message on what the issue is but just that there was an error.

To verify it wasn’t the file that was the issue, I downloaded the Accointing XLSX template that is given to download. I downloaded it and then without opening it up, tried to upload it. Got the same error when using the template.

So if even your own template is throwing the error, how can we be expected to upload data using a file?

My file: Created on Google Sheets > Exported to XLSX on Mac > Uploaded via Interface > Error
Your file: Downloaded on Mac > Uploaded via Interface > Error

You need to have an exact format. I will show you:

Note: open the accointing template to get more information on other classifications or the date format

Also choose UTC as time zone when importing. Don´t choose UTC +1 or -1 (for example)

Am I good to close this post?