Unable to export TXF file for TurboTax CD/Download Version

I am only able to generate the CSV file, which doesn’t work with the downloaded version of Turbotax 2021. Can you please let me know how to generate a TXF file? It seems like this was an option in the past. Thanks!

I made a video about it :slight_smile:
So the 1st episode is the basics, but I think you want the 2nd video in my playlist: Crypto Taxes ~ Accointing - YouTube

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You can check out our article as well: You searched for turbotax - The Hub: Crypto and Bitcoin Tax Blog | ACCOINTING.com

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Updated video! Have a look: How to File your Accointing Crypto Tax on TurboTax Form 8949 / 1099 - More than 4000 transactions - YouTube