Unable to create Cardano wallet link

luckily requesting a refund via paddle is quite easy, will have a look at accointing next year

Hey guys, we are currently working on the ADA issues, thank you for your patience!

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Come on folks. I am actually a person with a lot of patience, but no Cardano wallet in my accointing account means i can not use this account for tax purposes. What about a payback and I’ll just move on to another service? I mean, you did’nt get it done since march. How can i know you’ll do it within my tax declaration period?

This really concernes me! (Not speaking about other topics as the recently declared 10 year holding period in german law, that is still not aplied in your platform)

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I highly recommend Coin Tracking. My first applications was Accointing…after less than a month of non-responsiveness from the Accointing dev team (on the Cardano wallet issue in March, and their continued non-response on ByBit API) I TOTALLY GAVE UP. Not renewing Accointing.

@Schnout Tried it, their calculations are wrong, the sites interface is from the early 2000s, you are forced to use their templates to load data in trial version, and their API calls don’t work for Cardano. So far Accointing has calculated values correctly, they allow API calls for free users (trial), and their interface is clean and intuitive. Cointracking is also overly expensive for what they are providing $132 a year vs Accointings $80. I’m personally ok waiting for Accointing to fix their API call, as they acknowledged they are doing so.

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Hey guys, we are currently working on the ADA issues, thank you for your patience!
For refunds, please email us.


Maybe contact IOHK or Charles directly for support. Charles has always been touting how he’s open to helping the Cardano ecosystem, and him assisting would definitely be beneficial to the ecosystem.

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Same issue for me as well, cannot add a Cardano wallet, either the ADDR or ACCT. This IS pretty lame…Would be nice if at least there was some response as to what the issue is and why it has taken so long to address…


Any updates?

I’ve just tried again and the issue seems to be resolved at least my end :smiley:

Working here too. Unfortunately Polkadot is now broken: Polkadot Wallet not connecting - #2 by tdo

The new ADA integration is done! Accointing recommends all users who had the old one to delete it and import the new one. Otherwise, you might get duplicates. Be sure to reclassify. (How I do this personally is to import the new one and then compare it to the transactions of the old one. Once done, I delete the old wallet.)

Let me know if you experience any more errors!

Dot is also fixed :smiley:

I can confirm ADA is now working, thanks! Can you comment on if their are any plans or technical blockers on implementing a solution to auto detect all used cardano addresses. I currently have like 20+ addresses, and I imagine this means on your end everytime i refresh, its 20 api calls you have to make. Other protocols like BTC allow you to put in one address, and it will detect all the dynamic addresses.

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for your and the teams’ efforts. I’m sure you’re tired on hearing it but still having issues with ADA wallet.

I can add an ADA address, that works, but it doesn’t show all the ADA in that wallet because multiple receiving addresses were used to move funds into that wallet (Daedalus). Adding the xpub key results in error.

@danb @gecrypt
At this moment please see this post if you are having issues with Dardlus. xpub keys has not been implemented yet.

Ok thanks. But are there any efforts supporting xpub keys any time?

Would be a game changer!

Thanks a lot.

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Yes there is an effort :slight_smile: Please add anymore comments to the link I gave above :slight_smile:

Would someone be willing to DM your ADA address so that we can take a deeper look into adding more address types?

I need the following of each type:

  • Public key
  • Internal addresses
  • External addresses
  • Reward (staking) addresses

I need the above information for the following ADA wallets.

  • Daedelus
  • Yoroi
  • ADALite
  • Ledger (hardware wallet)
  • Byron
  • Shelley