Unable to activate pro plan - despite paying for this

Hi support,

I purchased the pro-package.

order #30751038 for Pro package.

My plan upgraded to the pro plan then went back to the tracker plan.

I’ve emailed several times to resolve this but not getting any reponse.

I even raised a ticket but still no resolution.

Please can you resolve this or send me activation code I can use to upgrade my account.

I need to get the tax reports very soon. Thnaks

The email team will be with you soon :slight_smile:
Sorry for this issue!

Hi Matt,

I hope they can sort this out.

Is the support team over-whelmed with number of queries?

I have previously emailed several times to get a response. Your response is the first positive response I’ve had.

Please can you forward my request over to the email team.

Many thanks

Hi Matt, would it be easier if I got a refund and paid for another account.

Or a voucher code, so i try setting up the account again.

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Sorry for the late reply, it was Thanksgiving in the US. :turkey:

The team found your order number and email, the email team should be with you :slight_smile:

Hi @sherlock,

I have just issued you a refund and responded to you via the ticket you created.

I do apologize for the delayed response.

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