UK Tax - Incorrect Calculation - waste of money

Accointing dose not calculate UK tax correctly! It ignores the BNB (Bed and Breakfast Rule) e.g. the 30 day rule and the same day rule. I had to try 3 different companies/software before I got a correct tax calculation and Accointing was one of them that was calculating it incorrectly! If you are a UK tax payer do not rely on this software as it does not calculate your UK tax liabilities correctly.

Waste of a subscription do not make the same mistake as I did!

What software calculates your taxes correctly?

It has its issues and support has been terrible lately but I’m now using koinly web site as it actually calculates uk tax correctly. You can click on a transaction and examine the cost calculation so I know for certain that its applying the same day BNB rule, 30 day BNB rule and section 104 pool correctly.

If you have complicate tax affairs koinly still might not be the answer as I can see are a number of issues being raised on chat board but for me using simple buy sell spot price trading on Coinbase and bainance it is working.