[Tuto] Importing Lending operation from Poloniex

Accointing does not (yet?) support importing lending operations from Poloniex.
So in the mean time you can export the operation to a CSV file from Poloniex.

Load that into google doc and use the following formula to generate 3 columns :
=QUERY('sheet!A1:I; "select toDate(I), sum(G), A group by toDate(I), A label toDate(I) 'date', sum(G) 'inBuyAmount', A 'inBuyAsset' format toDate(I) 'MM/DD/YYYY 00:00:00'"; 1)

(edit the first function’s argument to match your sheet’s name.)

On your Poloniex wallet on Accointing, click the pencil :

Then select the Manually tab and choose Accointing template.
Download the template, update it (directly on google spreadsheet, libreoffice or excel) with the columns you just generated in google spreadsheets.
Use deposit as the transaction type and lending_income in the Classification column.
Upload that back to Accointing in the next step of the wizard.

Congratulations you’ve imported your lending transactions.

PS: The step on google spreadsheet is combining the operations per day and per currency to limit the number of operations.