Trust Wallet missing Aeternity

Hi, from my Trust wallet I wanted to add Aeternity (AE) but its not available:

How can I add AE from this wallet?

If you hold Aeternity (AE) do you hold it on it’s own native blockchain or one ETH?

If on ETH, then you just need to put your ETH address in there once, and it will pull all your ETH based coins.
If it is on it’s own native blockchain, then you will have to manually add it and if you want auto-tracking, you would need to create a feature request for that :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help @Matt. As far as I know I hold my AE on its own native blockchain and I keep these AE funds in my “Trust wallet” with its own address (separate from ETH).

Automatic tracking from my Trust wallet would be great, so I am probably going to add a feature request for this :slight_smile:

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Please add a link to it here :slight_smile: