Trust Wallet, cant add smart chain and eth at the same time


I got Ethereum and smart chain based coins in one wallet. To track the balances of these coins I added a smart chain wallet and a separate Eth Wallet. Both wallets have the same address.

I tried to set up a new trust wallet and now I can only add eiter a smart chain wallet or Eth wallet. When trying to add both I get a error message stating wallet can not be added as it already exist.

Could you please clarify how to connect trust wallet?

Could you please provide feedback.
Thank you

We are aware of the issue, at this time, instead of adding in under Trust Wallet, please search the blockchain and add them separately

This does not work either!

If you need more help with this issue please submit a request here.
Please also leave a link to this form for background context.
We would need your public address to look into this further.

Can you confirm that the proposed solution doesn’t work?

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