Transfering ETH from Ledger to Kraken doesn't work properly

When transfering Ethereum from Ledger to Kraken, it shows as these two steps:

1.) Withdraw ETH Ledger —> adress 0x…
2.) Deposit Unknown sender —> Kraken

Thats because when transfering ETH from Ledger it transfers it to an ETH Wallet adress from Kraken, then they transfer it again from their wallet to my account. (Paying fees for both transfers)

This should basically be an internal movement of coins, right?

The problem is, Accounting doesn’t see that as an internal because the amount withdrawn from ledger and the amount deposited into Kraken are not the same, since you pay fees again on the second step. (it also doesn’t show/account those fees?)

How do I fix this? I must complete this for step 3 “classify transfers” for my tax report.

Thank You!

Any help? please?

Go to the review button on the top right and then click Step 2: Identify internals. It should be there.

Unfortunately it doesn’t show there. At least not for all my transfers to Kraken…
I have two transfers, both on different days where i sent ETH from my ledger to Kraken, one is showing at step 2, which i can identify as an internal now, but the second one isn’t recognized and still only showing at step 3 where i tells me to classify the transfer.

What else can i do? Can i fix this manually?

Please see the troubleshooting part of this article, and contact me if you need more help :slight_smile:

The Problem really comes from that the difference between the Withdraw and Deposit which is greater than 18%. Because mine is close to 20%.

I now did exactly as written there to fix it, but that didn’t work, it gave me an error message which said “couldn’t update selected row” when trying to classify the two Transactions as Internal.

But i just did it this way, can you tell me if that’s OK aswell?:

First I ignored the original Data entries:

1.) Withdraw 0,1 ETH Ledger —> adress 0x…
2.) Deposit Unknown sender —> 0,08 ETH Kraken

Second I made a Manual “Internal” from Ledger to Kraken with Fees from Ledger.

Third I made a Manual “Withraw” with the Difference (0,02 ETH) and classified it as Fee. … OR … Do I make it a 0 ETH Withdraw with 0,02 ETH Fees which i write in the Details Section where actual Fees should be written and then classify the whole thing as Fee too? Or doesn’t it matter which of both options?

Thank you Matt!

The way you did it was correct. For the third transaction, it could go either way. They both provide the same result. Whichever method makes the most sense for you should be used. The article recommended putting “0,02” as the transaction instead of the other way because it’ll be easier to understand by looking at the transactions. But they are both the same.

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Thank you very much!


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